Hi, I'm Laura
19 year old Leeds University Japanese Student, going to Japan for the year.
This will probably be a mostly photo blog since I'm too lazy to write anything...

Enjoy my Jap Year :)


24th March 2014

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Day 3: Ibusuki, Kagoshima. 19.3.14

So, today, following the advice of a nice local from yesterday, we took an hour train out to Ibusuki.

The weather, again, was rather sucky. But we did lots of stuff.

First, we got lost. We were heading to some sand baths (these are like onsen [hot springs] but hot sand is shovelled on top of you instead, and the heat cleans out all your pores etc etc) but took the bus for an extra hour longer, being idiots. But we found cute little shrines and the scenery on the way was pretty, if rather grey. but we eventually made it back to the sandbaths, which were much more comfortable than I’d expected :D

Then we headed to Chiringa-shima. According to the local we spoke to (I don’t know her name :/) & the nice tourist agency lady, you can only reach this island by foot for a couple of hours every so often between the months of March & August. It’s really cool, as at low tide the sea retreats enough to create a sand walkway between the islands, which you can walk across and back on. unfortunately, we got there a little too late to make it all the way across and back in time for the last bus, but it was still really quite fun :D

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24th March 2014

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Kyushu - Day 2 - 18.3.14

The next day, we headed down to Kagoshima, which is at the very south of Kyushu. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great :/

but it was still quite pretty. Kyushu people are also much nicer than those in Tokyo, I’ve found, as they’ll stop and talk to you & offer lots of advice and so on… :D

we climbed up to the observatory on the hill & looked out (top photo and bottom left)

we also went on a giant ferris wheel that night (the view is bottom right)

I’d love to go back, if only the weather was better :’)

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24th March 2014

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Kyushu - day one. 17.3.14

So, I headed down to Kyushu (the southernmost island of Japan) for 5 days last week to see one of my best friends from the UK (as seen in the top picture)

She lives in Fukuoka, so we spent the first day there. The pictures above are from Fukuoka shrine, which was huge & gorgeous. My flight got in a little late, so we didn’t have time to do much else that night, but went for dinner with one of Whelan’s friends and generally some wandering around the town :D

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14th March 2014

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new blog!

so I have added a new blog.

this one is photos only - one by one (I got annoyed with uploading lots of them all at once - it took forever) and not all of them - generally just my favourites.

so if you want to see (extra maybe?) random photos of Japan (also continuously uploaded - I finally figured out the queue thingy on here… (yes, I suck at this) ) follow my new blog! :D



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14th March 2014

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Hakone Shrine / 箱根神社

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14th March 2014

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the view of Hakone Shrine across Lake Ashi with Mt Fuji in the background

the view of Hakone Shrine across Lake Ashi with Mt Fuji in the background

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14th March 2014

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In front of Fuji-san

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14th March 2014

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The View of Mt Fuji from the top of Mt Hakodate


The View of Mt Fuji from the top of Mt Hakodate

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14th March 2014

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Going up the ropeway on Mt Hakodate -  Fuji-san & Lake Ashi :D

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14th March 2014

Photoset with 3 notes


So, I went to Hakone for 3 days with the 3 lovely ladies in the top photo. We stayed right next to the lake, and could see Fuji-san if we walked around to the other side of the hotel :D

Hakone, for those that don’t know, is about an hour away from Tokyo, and a v. popular tourist spot. Lots of mountains, many lakes, such onsen. Wow.

But tbf, it was fantastic. So gorgeous <3 I would go back if I could :D

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